> Fashion: Katya's makeup story


This sequence of pictures was taken on July 17, 2004 in Seattle. We were doing a shoot with Katya when we came across Samuel Anajjar, make-up artist from New York, in downtown Sephora. Of course, at the time we did not know Samuel, he just happened to like Katya's face and offered to do a free make-up.

So he did. It was not quite like what we expected (to say the truth, far from what we expected), but, from my perspective, quite a striking and bright piece of transient art. Katya was terrified (you would be if you were wearing a full over-saturated photo-shoot make up in the middle of downtown :-), but I decided to give it a try and we ended up going to one of the best (light-wise) places in Seattle - park in front of Harborview hospital and did a very intense and fun shoot.

To Samuel - thanks for make-up and a challenge :-). Next time I will be more explicit when asking about the look I want :-). No offense, though - you did a very meticolous job that under the right lighting conditions offered a great look.