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I never thought I would be asked to photograph a wedding. I was pretty sure that even if someone asked, I would say 'No'. And if you told me I would be enjoying the experience, I would have ignored you.

Never say never. My wife's friend Shane saw the pictures on my web site and asked if I would be willing to photograph his wedding. I not only agreed - I had a blast!

It did not hurt that the photoshoot took place before the actual ceremony. Other factors also contributed to the experience being a lot of fun: bride (Jessica) and groom (Shane) were very open to new ideas; we had only 3 hours to shoot; we could only use minimum amount of equipment (i.e., no studio lighting, just a couple of shoe mount flash heads). The main attraction, though, was the location - Rem Koolhaas's new Seattle Central Library, eye candy inside and out.

I had a wonderful crew - without them the task would have been impossible to accomplish. Jessie was doing make-up, Rob was helping with the equipment, and taking pictures himself - whenever his hands weren't busy holding flash or reflector.

All pictures (c) 2005 Maxim Oustiougov

Make-up/hair/styling: Jessie Griess
Assistance: Rob McKaughan

All of the pictures in this gallery were taken on October 2nd, 2005.