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When I posted street fashion pictures from Russia, I said "this is the last from Seattle Street Fashion project". Never say never - I was wrong! Although it was no longer about Seattle, the project kept growing on me. So when I was visiting NYC in January 2006, one of the things on my "must-do" list was shooting street fashion in different neighborhoods. Results of that trip are here.

Working in New York was surprisingly easy. I expected a lot of rejection from street-wise New Yorkers - in reality, I only got one. I also expected to see a lot of fabolously-dressed people - nope, real New York is not what you see on TV. What was not surprising is how articulate people in New York were on the topic of fashion - and how positive most of them were about it. Most Seattleites seemed to genuinely NOT care. Russians were in denial. In contrast, most New Yorkers I talked to were interested in fashion and enjoyed it. Now that's my kind of place! :-)

I have no idea at the moment where this project is going to take me next, and what could be the outcome. I'll just keep shooting - it's almost spring time in Seattle, and sun is finally taking over the skies. By the way, did you know it rained for 29 straight days this winter?

Click on a picture for a bigger version and a short story.

01 - Eliza, Union Square
02 - Vanessa, Union Square
03 - Michael, Union Square
04 - Kyana - Greenwich Village
05 - Emmanuella, Greenwich Village
06 - Lucia, Greenwich Village
08 - Aslan, Lower East Side
09 - Anna, Lower East Side