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Seattle Street Fashion is my personal project and is part of “The Photographic Style” class (April-June 2005) at http://www.pcnw.org. I have been toying with this idea for quite a while. As I realize now, it was sparked by my almost-subconscious search for an answer to this question: What is fashion?

The project is structured this way: every weekend I go to one of Seattle's neighborhoods. Once there, I find a good spot and watch people. If I see someone who stands out from the crowd (obviously, this criteria is absolutely subjective :-), I ask if they would mind giving a short interview and having their picture taken.

I ask these 3 questions:
Why did you dress like this today?
What’s the favorite part of your dress?
What do you think about fashion?

And then proceed to taking a picture of the person AND their favorite piece of clothing. This is it.

So far I’ve been to Capitol Hill (an ‘alternative’ Seattle neighborhood) and Downtown. I’ve already partially answered ‘What is fashion?’ to myself. The answer is obvious and unexpected (well, it was not for me :-) – Whatever fashion is, it is NOT. Everyone has their own definition of fashion, their own relationship to it, which means that everyone has their own answer. So I guess now I have to ask myself this question, slightly rephrased – ‘What is fashion for ME?..’

All right, enough talking. Before you start, you should know this:
-- All names are real;
-- Answers to questions are minimally edited to be readable and comprehensible (you know how strange spoken language looks when written down);
-- Obviously, all content on this site, including pictures and text, is copyrighted, and can not be reproduced without Maxim Oustiougov's written permission.

Enjoy – and shoot me an e-mail if you liked it/hated it/have something else to say. As you might have noticed, I love talking about photography and fashion :-).

01 - Marielle
02 - Marielle's bag
03 - Duane David and Devon James
04 - Devon James's hat and seahorse
05 - Royce
06 - Caitlin
07 - Natalia and Ashley
08 - Natalia's belt
09 - Rose
10 - Rose's skirt
11 - Alexander
12 - Alexander's jacket
13 - Josh
14 - Josh's dumpster gloves
15 - Lea
16 - Carl