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This set of pictures was taken at the end of the first photo shoot for Jessie Griess, aspiring model from Seattle, on the same day in February, 2005.

A short story behind the pictures... When we were planning the shoot, Vanessa (the stylist) suggested that we do one "crazy fashion" look, with no preconceived idea. Towards the end of the day I was worried that we might not have time to pull it off. Vanessa begged to do it, though - and I gave up.

Hair and make-up took a considerable amount of time - during which I was scratching my head how to light this dim hallway right outside of Jessie's apartment. In the end I settled on a very simple setup - one strip light fitted with a strobe feathered to hit a corner of a column on the opposite wall precisely to create a harsh shadow. This simplicity had its own price, though - the range of movement for Jessie was quite limited (one step forward - significant overexposure - one step backwards - no detail in shadow...)

When Jessie came out I couldn't believe my eyes - she didn't look like herself at all. It turned out to be one of the key factors for the shoot - since I couldn't recognize Jessie (whom I've known for more than 4 years) my mind was free to 'see' her in a new way. Another key factor was the light - it was so unforgiving and restrictive that I had to come up with different angles, positions, etc, to keep shooting without repeating myself. There was also the fabulous dress made by Tatiana Makarova, fashion designer from Moscow...

Resulting pictures don't look like anything I have ever done before. Also, they resemble more an editorial-style shoot rather than a model test shoot. That's why I created a separate gallery for them.

Make-up/hair/styling: Vanessa Philipp
Assistance: Rob McKaughan
Model: Jessie Griess
Dress by Tatiana Makarova, Moscow fashion designer

All pictures (c) 2005 Maxim Oustiougov