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This is the first photo-shoot for Jessie Griess, aspiring model from Seattle. All of these pictures were taken on the same day in February, 2005.
It was the first time I felt like I was doing the REAL thing - real photo shoot. There were strobes, reflectors, softboxes, etc - significant amount of gear. Most importantly, though, I was not doing it 1-1 with the model. I had wonderful make-up/hair/styling fairy Vanessa doing her magic, and ever-reliable, efficient and knowledgeable Rob (photographer himself) helping me with equipment.
Having Vanessa and Rob on the set made all the difference in the world - I did not have to worry about how Jessie looks and did not have to lug all the equipment by myself. As a result, we went through many more looks than usual.
The pictures in this gallery do not include one more look that we did at the end of the shoot. It was so unusual that I am going to post it separately next time.

Make-up/hair/styling: Vanessa Philipp
Assistance: Rob McKaughan
Model: Jessie Griess

All pictures (c) 2005 Maxim Oustiougov